86400 not only are the seconds in a day, but also they are the amount of dollars space agencies invest in feeding one astronaut every week. It’s as if space agencies would buy a house every week that accidentally disappears when you buy it.

In this article, we will talk about


Imagining in 20 years from now, space will become something common, expecting to reduce that cost would make anything easier.

Indeed, many organisations like ESA launched different calls to ask for proposals and organisations like Aleph Farms already…

Imagine you have to understand just one element that can make you walk, talk, watch and do any other activity you could ever imagine. What would that single element be?

Proteins are what makes you alive. Almost any activity in your body is linked to it. Proteins could be a helpful resource for everyday living activities and as new medical therapeutics. Indeed, let’s imagine insulin, renin and many other proteins and peptides that influence our body.

New proteins can help leverage people’s health to create new therapeutics or solve different problems. Indeed, let’s consider Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease…

Carlos Mirabelli was a Brazilian physical medium and spiritualist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was pretty well-known for his ability to perform various seemingly supernatural feats, such as levitation and telekinesis. Mirabelli showed his most impressive ability in 1926.

In 1926, Mirabelli was about to board a train travelling from Sao Paulo to the port of Santos with some friends when one of his companions saw Mirabelli walk towards the platform and vanish into thin air. …

Imagine if you come back from a journey with all your luggage locked.
Unfortunately, you lost your keys, and you should find their copy out of 100 of them saved into a box.
That activity would require hours and would be boring to do.

Imagine if you don’t remember a sentence saved in a file and don’t remember anything else about it. The only solution to find the sentence would be to open all your computer files (imagine how many notes, pdfs and powerpoints you have to open.

Even if it may seem something funny, it’s in reality how computers…

Erwin Schroedinger was a physicist that made several attempts to construct a unified field theory of our universe.

He is famous for a book called “What is Life?” where he described the problems of genetics, looking at the phenomenon of life from the point of view of physics.

Every day any of us does some activities that can cause some damages. Some of them are slight, and people notice those after years and years, and that what happens with ageing; others are speedy and acute, such as what happens with car accidents or other types of injuries.

In all of them, there is a bill to pay. That bill is called pain.

What is pain?

We can describe pain according to two different definitions, biological and evolutional.

In all of them, we can consider pain as a consequence of a human response due to defence.

Indeed, when people needed to survive…

DNA is the very reason why you exist and all other living things. It serves as the backed-up files that store information in your family tree and how to make a protein that makes you. Eventually, today, DNA can be made, downloaded, read, and installed. Genome editing is a method that gives scientists the ability to change the DNA of an organism, including plants, animals, and bacteria. Editing DNA can lead to change in physical traits like eye color and disease risk. Over the years, genome editing experienced nothing short of a revolution until recently with the development and refinement…

What are STEM Cells?

Stem cell offers the countless potential to our new medical treatments. They are specialized cells in human that enable to develop into many different cell types ranging from muscle cells to brain cells. They have a unique ability to grow into various specialized cells and provide new cells for the body that has been damaged or lost. They have two exceptional properties. First, they can divide or produce new stem cells over and over again. Second, they can divide to grow into another specialized cell that makes up the body like blood cells, muscle cells, skin cells, neurons cells, heart…

We begin to observe that this inescapable healthcare informatics becomes one of the turbulent endeavors into the path of the inevitable digital future. The new era of the health care system is a fundamental part of social and intellectual evolution. Today, the emerging modern practice in scientific medicine depends on devices and sensors to store information. It is because technology can transform information and generate medical knowledge. Now it is possible to develop digital medicine that is potentially more effective, more precise, and widely distributed than the current medical practices. However, critical steps in the creation of digital medicine with…

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Our human body has the natural ability to heal itself in various ways. The
emerging field of medicines that aims to replace, engineered, or regenerate
human cells, tissues, or organs loss due to disease, age, or congenital disorder to restore normal function is known as Regenerative Medicine. This field also includes the regeneration and use of therapeutic stem cells, artificial organs, and tissue engineering. The central focus of regenerative medicine is the human cells. Either in somatic, adult stem cells, or embryo-derived cells. However, human embryos are not ideal from a technical point of view considering the ethical and moral issues. For…

Guido Putignano

Synthetic Biology + Quantum Computing for drug discovery

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